Dress Code and Uniform Policy

                                    The Tarkington Traditional Uniform Policy

1. All clothing must be clean and well maintained.
2. Emblems, artwork, and logos are not allowed on school clothing, socks, or shoes. 
3. Blue jeans and denim are not allowed. 
4. All tops must have sleeves.
5. Clothing should be in the student's proper size.
a. Oversized clothing is not allowed.
b. Underclothing should never show.
6. Shorts, culottes, jumpers, and skirts should be no shorter than 3" above the knee.
7. If the shoe has a fastening of any kind, it must be fastened in the intended manner
a. For safety reasons, shoes must have a back, which covers the heel of the foot. 
b. Open toe sandals, clogs, thongs, and shoes with a heel of more than 1" are not 
8. The school uniform top should always be worn underneath any pullover, cardigan, or vest. 
9. Walking shorts may be worn (August 1 - September 30 and April 1 - last day of school).

Large medals, chains, or jewelry are/is not allowed. 

Violations of uniform/dress code policy will result in: 
1. Parent notification.
2. Letter of warning. 
3. After-school detention. 
4. Possible suspension.